Nature’all for Nature Box Beauty

Social content #thatsnatural! for sustainable Henkel brand

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Vegan and sustainable #thatsnatural! You might think Nature Box Beauty are another wannabe sustainable brand. But they’re actually pretty sustainable despite their colourful appearance. Nature Box products are made of 100% natural cold-pressed oils and other natural ingredients on a vegan formula. Also, they support social and environmental projects.

Hey Honey was challenged to rethink what’s natural in a fun way to produce a series of social content for Nature Box to develop their social media presence in Europe.

Our Approach

Hey Honey focused on the diversity of youth, challenging the status quo on what is natural and being inspired by the inclusivity of natural beauty - Natur'all.

“We’re  Damn Naturall’ is Nature Box’s way to rethink natural across it’s social platforms. Flipping natural on it’s tits and embracing ALL types of people from ALL walks of life, using ALL the colours, ALL the energy and ALL the attitude to bring our audiences refreshing feeling content”

‘We’re Damn Naturall’ will challenge the beauty realm, engaging all the unconventional people of the world and encourage them to join us in this weirdly wonderful world we have created about nature, life and hair care. This is about embracing real beauty routines not Gwyneth Paltrow routine.

The Execution


Our studio team generated over 35 pieces of content for the social media team to engage over the Christmas period.