Owning My Moment with Harman Kardon & VW


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Stimulate your senses and explore the world around you with a captivating sound experience - made possible with the Harman Kardon premium sound system inside the new Volkswagen...

In the Summer of 2020, Volkswagen launched three new car models: Tiguan, Arteon and Golf. When configuring cars, users can choose to upgrade with premium in-built Harman Kardon sound systems. HARMAN International wanted to initiate a campaign that highlighted the Harman Kardon product USP’s in these vehicles and drive people to the configuration pages.

Our Approach

Drawn from the insight that when in a car, it allows people to escape the real world, almost be put into a meditative state of mind, and helps people to really evaluate what matters in life - this time allows people to own their moment. From that the campaign, Owning My Moment was born - which featured 3 x digital content creators and told their stories of how they use and experience sound when driving. Each content creator was chosen to match the particular verticals of the Golf, the Tiguan, and the Arteon - Family Adventure, Music and Design.

With the creators as talent, we produced a series of video and photographic content and released it over a series of 3 months across various digital platforms with a carefully curated media distribution plan that was optimised for click-throughs to the configuration pages on the Volkswagen websites.

The Execution


Over the 3 months, we managed to exceed all awareness and engagement KPIs and drive users directly to the configuration pages on the Volkswagen website.

Watch all the videos in the 'Owning My Moment' campaign:

Volkswagen Arteon with Michaela

Volkswagen Golf with Noor

Volkswagen Tiguan with Simon